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Monday, Aug 03rd

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Newsletter - April 2015

Newsletter - April 2015

  • Homemade Power Bars 
  • Canadian Olympic Records 
  • Marathon Sunday Freezies 
  • Jim: see you at the Races


2015 Summer and Fall Clinics


NOTE: As we are a member club of Athletics Canada there is an additional $15 Athletics Canada Yearly Membership Fee which needs to be paid once a year.


June 11-July 2 - Thursday 6:00 - 7:30 PM – NEW ...

Newsletter - March 2015

Newsletter - March 2015

Ready, Set, Go...

Well here we go off to the start of a new trial with the K2J Fitness newsletter. The plan is to get it on to a more regular once a month basis. And, this is the first initial edition of that new series. They may at times be a wee b...

K2J Fitness Clinics at Bushtukah

K2J Fitness Clinics at Bushtukah


July 7- Sept 15, Tuesday 6:00pm- 7:30pm at Bushtukah 203 Richmond Rd, $100 

Looking to do your first half marathon or to do a faster one? Join K2J Fitness Tuesday nights at Bushtukah.

This clinic is geared to...

Race day hints for your first Triathlon

 What to bring:

Completing a three stage race in unpredictable weather conditions can require the most remarkable amount of stuff. I highly recommend that you sit down a few days before the race, think about each stage and each transition and what w...