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Monday, Nov 30th

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K2J Award

2012 K2J Award Winners

  • Mike Horne
  • Randy Cocek
  • Byron Boucher
  • Jeff Smart (2nd)
  • Kanako Imuyama (2nd)
  • Face Wallace (3rd)
  • Mike Blois (3rd)
  • John Tegano
  • James Peltzer
  • Jesse Elliot
  • Stephen Boyd

2011 K2J Award Winners

  • Andy Fong
  • Chris Bright
  • Ellen Dickson (2nd)
  • Face Wallace (2nd)
  • Glenn Poirier
  • Jeff Smart
  • Mike Blois (2nd)
  • Mike McLean

2009 K2J Award Winners

  • Erin Beasley
  • Gillian Williamson
  • James Vannier
  • Jeff Slavin
  • John Tegano
  • Jonathan Charbonneau
  • Judy Andrew Piel
  • Peter Foley
  • Tracy Wise

2010 K2J Award Winners

  • Brian O’Higgins
  • Ellen Dickson
  • Face Wallace
  • Ian Govan
  • Jeff Slavin (2nd)
  • Kanako Imuyama
  • Karen Burns
  • Marsha Stapleton
  • Mike Bigelow
  • Mike Blois
  • Mike Maclean
  • Peter Foley (2nd)
  • Sarah Matthews
  • Stephaine Gordon
  • Tanya Mykytyshyn
  • Tracy Wise (2nd)
  • Vicki Plant

K2J Award

The K2J award was the brainchild of Erin Beasley and James Vannier who decided that their goal for 2009 was to PB in a 5K, a 10K, a Half Marathon and a Full Marathon all in one year.We thought it was such a good idea we needed to make an award for it. That’s how the K2J award came to be.The medals don’t come with the award you have to earn them along the way!

In order to win a K2J award you must meet the following criteria:Run a PB for each of the following distances: 5K, 10K, 1/2...