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Useful Links

Here are a few sources and resources to keep you busy on your rest days

Trirudy.com Started out as a few endurance athletes exchanging ideas now a great source of information and  opinions with over 5000 members. Based in Ottawa with members all over.

SportstatsResults and  race listing for many local and not so local races.

Somersault Events Triathlons, Duathlons and running races in Ottawa and the surrounding area.


2014 Boston Marathon Tips

K2J Team Orange

 A few tips, collected over the last 10 years, about running the Boston marathon

 There are lots of changes in 2014 so some of this may not be accurate!

 Make sure you read the new baggage rules


Winter Running Basics

 Thinking of running outdoors this winter? Here is some basic advice to help you stay as warm and comfy as possible.

What to wear?

  • Layers, layers, layers…
  • Avoid cotton (it does not wick well and you will get damp and cold).
  • Polyester and high tech fabrics will keep you warmer.
  • The expensive stuff is great but you can also...


Tips for your First running Race


Almost all races have pre-registration and the easiest way to register is on-line. If you are not comfortable with registering on-line there is usually somewhere you can register in person but be prepared to pay by cash or cheque if you plan to pay in person.

Although you can usually register for a race at the race or at the race-kit pick up here are a few good reasons why you should pre-register:

  1. 1.Most races charge less for...


Race day hints for your first Triathlon

 What to bring:

Completing a three stage race in unpredictable weather conditions can require the most remarkable amount of stuff. I highly recommend that you sit down a few days before the race, think about each stage and each transition and what will you need. If in doubt bring it.

Here is my list:

For the swim:

A swimsuit or a triathlon suit

Goggles (I usually bring two pairs)