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Friday, Sep 04th

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Newsletter - February 2015

Running News...

New York City Marathon to take more lottery entrants. The NYC Marathon will increase the number of bibs available in 2015 for lottery entrants, meaning those who have not hit the tough entrance standards will have a greater chance of being given entry to the race. Most of the new bib numbers are a result of the shuttering of the three-try guarantee, which has now been phased out. In past years, a runner who has applied but been denied entry to the race three time would be...

Newsletter - December 2014

Best Running Group Anywhere...


Newsletter - August 2014

It's been a lazy, hazy summer but even though we did some relaxing, we covered a lot of ground: Running, Swimming and Biking and some times all three on the same day.


Newsletter - May 2014

Another year and another Boston behind us with once again, some amazing results. And the K2J family continues to grow! One of the interesting things to come out of those Boston Marathon times is the placing of some K2Jers in the Marathon

Canada Rankings:
Brian O’Higgins 2:51:55, 43rd overall, 9th 50-59
Judy Andrew-Piel 3:12:59 28th overall, 1st 50-59
Kim Redden 3:04:17, 14th overall, 5th 40-49

JR & Judy would like to congratulate everyone on an outstanding...

Newsletter - April 2014 - Boston Edition

The results, the pictures and everything Boston - Boston Strong 4-15-13!