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Monday, Nov 30th

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Newsletter - April 2015

  • Homemade Power Bars 
  • Canadian Olympic Records 
  • Marathon Sunday Freezies 
  • Jim: see you at the Races


Newsletter - March 2015

Ready, Set, Go...

Well here we go off to the start of a new trial with the K2J Fitness newsletter. The plan is to get it on to a more regular once a month basis. And, this is the first initial edition of that new series. They may at times be a wee bit shorter but the hope is that the news, results, etc. will be a little more current. With the March issue being the usual fairly long issue this one in particular will be quite short as it is more to get us on a regular end of the month...

Newsletter - February 2015

Running News...

New York City Marathon to take more lottery entrants. The NYC Marathon will increase the number of bibs available in 2015 for lottery entrants, meaning those who have not hit the tough entrance standards will have a greater chance of being given entry to the race. Most of the new bib numbers are a result of the shuttering of the three-try guarantee, which has now been phased out. In past years, a runner who has applied but been denied entry to the race three time would be...

Newsletter - December 2014

Best Running Group Anywhere...


Newsletter - August 2014

It's been a lazy, hazy summer but even though we did some relaxing, we covered a lot of ground: Running, Swimming and Biking and some times all three on the same day.