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Monday, Nov 30th

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2012 Results

2012 July to Dec Results

Bushtukah Canada Day Road Races July 1, 201210K MichaelBlois37.152nd M40-49BrianO'Higgins38.252nd M50-59JohnTegano40.46TamaraEvers- Tate43.15LyndseyHill46.16CaitlinO'Higgins47.53GuyBeaudoin49.28IanGovan51.06AlmaLorena51.46IrvinHill53.01VickiPlant1.03.475k StephanieGordon20.272nd w30-39Vincent AndyFong20.56DaveDaze24.44JimJohnston28.27SamanthaPiel36.40JudyAndrew Piel36.40Mike Collingwood Triathlon JudyAndrew Piel1.35.121st W45-49AnneMurphy1.43.041st W50-54Bushtukah Bring on the Bay Open...

The 2012 K2J Invitational 5K

This was the third year for the K2J Invitational 5K!  An epic race. Special thanks to Zoom photo for covering this year's event.

2012 Jan to June Results

Disney World Marathon, Jan 8th, 2012

1/2 MarathonVincent AndyFong1.40.18

Vincent AndyFong4.10.54

Richmond Road Races, Jan 15, 2012

10K BrianO'Higgins39.502nd M50-59JeffSlavin44.02GregLamb44.14JudyAndrew Piel45.122ndW40-49PeterFoley46.38ChantelleWoods47.352nd W30-39StephanieGordon50.14GregLamb50.15IanGovan50.173rd M60-69Vincent AndyFong52.07JessieCraig52.11SusanIbach53.51JimJohnston54.07JetjeAnitoniett59.35StephanieDunne62.54

5K MichaelBlois17.571st...

IM 70.3 Mont Tremblant Results

Mont Tremblant 70.3 Results for K2J and company ! NameSwimBikeRunTotalAge GroupOverallJudy Andrew Piel0:31:562:47:141:44:155:10:262369K2J beauties0:31:262:58:581:43:445:19:0115 ---Jeff Slavin0:32:282:57:581:45:025:22:5851546Bruce Mason0:41:202:42:201:55:285:26:133598Vicent Lavoie0:31:582:52:111:57:005:29:3463654Melanie Nason Green0:36:262:54:211:53:245:36:3025753Andrea Walku0:32:523:05:181:54:055:39:0820788Peter Foley0:40:453:08:311:55:165:53:56961005Michele...

2012 Boston Marathon Results

It was one for the books 80F at the start and 87F at the finish line!

As a group we did well 2nd, 3rd and 6th fastest men in the region and 1st, 2nd and 10th fastest women