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Tuesday, Feb 09th

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IM Lake Placid Race Report from Nada

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IRONMAN   LAKE PLACID   22. 07.2012.

Nada Milosevic

14 hours: 17 minutes: 51 sec.

Swim- 3.8k -1:39:29

Bike-  180k -7:18:00

Run -  42.2k-5:04:09

Here I come bragging about it again. Yeah….16 minutes faster than my first Ironman. I’m still on cloud nine, unless I touch my sore toenail. I don’t remember from first IM that it was that tough. But let’s start from beginning.

4:00 am. Waking up was easy. My favorite cappuccino, oat meal, orange cake (thanks Valerie), salt tablets and long warm shower. Being surrounded with family and great friends helped me to appear calm….ha, ha, ha. Morning weather looked perfect and mountain air supposed to be fresh-wright?

SWIM 3.8k

Most of you know that swim is the scariest part of race for me but this time I was able to go through it without wasting precious energy. Swim felt great all the way. Only one thing I had to watch out for was those strong breast stroke swimmers. They were kicking left and right and it was challenge to get away from them. When I got out of the water, run to the transition area was easy .In tent, volunteers were helping me to get ready for bike ride as quick as possible.


I had great time seeing my support crew again before long bike ride. It made me smile for a while. Day was sunny with back winds for first part of bike loop. My new Cervelo was my best buddy on the road. I tried not to spill any drinks on it. Dry mangoes, dates, almonds, protein bars, pretzels and salt tablets were tightly packed in pouch. Aid stations were every 10 miles with cold water, sport drinks (not tasty at all) and bananas. Plenty of food for long bike ride. First 90k felt really good even though head winds were getting stronger on way back to LP. But they are always there and I was ready for it. I kept in mind J.R. (my coach) advice to go slower at beginning which helped me on hills later. Going through city I saw Dragan and Marko on different corner than agreed. Surprise guys!!!! I’m here already…ha, ha, ha. The rest of my cheering squad was waiting and cheering as loud as it gets. Again and again, energy that I got from them is amazing. Chafing didn’t feel as bad when I heard them supporting me. Darn sweat, eats me away. Downhill to Keen was fast (70k per hour –as per Dragan after he checked bike’s computer).

It is 1:00 pm and long way to go. Sun is torching my skin, it feels like an oven. Winds are now head winds and too hot to be called winds at all. Heat is getting me. Salt tablets and lots of drinking should help. This is mountain country, it shouldn’t be this humid and hot. Clips under my shoes are boiling from hot road. Pouring cold water on my feet made it worse. Tree more hills to climb and city is waiting. As I am approaching transition area, Dragan wants to chat. No way, I need to get off my bike and out of the shoes. Walk to the tent was hard. First, I checked soles for blisters…none. Dry socks and running shoes will make me feel better.

RUN 42.2 k

My supporters are hugging me and telling me I’m doing great. I am trying to find my legs to run. I hope I’m not getting a heat stroke – it does feel like it. First 5k is very tough. As I am struggling, I am counting water stations. Valerie, Theresa, Kim and Warren are volunteering on aid station # 4. They promised a surprise and distraction would be great. Here they are…dressed up as sexy as it gets. Everyone on that station had funny outfits. Very cute. They gave me a lot of ice…at this point ice was the most wanted and they had to be stingy for it (connectionsJJJ).  Turn around point seemed for ever but it did come. Three more times the same distanceJ. I’m walking every hill still hoping for better run on flats. At half marathon I gave my Garmen to Paule; no worries about going to fast. Very soon I see ‘’ My connections’’.  They are done on water station and heading back to the city, no more ice for me.  They walked with me a bit as I asked, encouraged me again knowing I am more tired than ever. Thanks guys.

I am alone again and the day is finally cooling off. Thoughts are coming and going….gee, I did sign up for next year IM race….what was I thinking. Fella from Florida joined me up hill and we start running together.  Somehow our pace was faster and felt good. He ditched me 2k later but I managed to keep faster pace. City is getting closer and excitement is in the air. Crowd is loud, music louder and finish line just around the curb. I am savouring every bit of it. I wish I could slow down moment. Crossing finish line I hear my cheering squad sharing the moment with me.

Finisher medal shirt and hut, chocolate milk, pizza, sub and water-are piled up in my hands because I just want to go to hug my family and friends.  They gave me all their positive energy to carry around the course off 226 K (114M) to help me to accomplish this amazing race. Wow!!!!!!!

For many months thanks to my great friends my training was more than enjoyable. J.R. (K2J FITNESS.com) organized doable training schedule for me that led me to race day injury free. Thank you.

My buddy Theresa never said no to any early weekend trainings  (6:30am); swimming, biking, running, driving , challenging me up hills……There were times that she had it, saying: ‘’ that’s  it ,enough is enough ,I am looking for a new friend’’. Nice try. We are good bunch and we know it.

Paule made me run tempo runs really well. We also had great time running Gatineau trails, looking out for bears scaring them with your bear bell. You really spoiled me delivering so many meals to my table after long bike days. We enjoyed it very much. On race day was so nice to see you cheering me on. Pierre was with medical people and it is good I didn’t see you.

Valerie, you are a good sport. Putting up with camping to be at LP to support me again. We all know you need 5* camp site and yet you lived without hair blow dryer, cold nights and too many warnings about bears. And Frankie. Coming all the way for a day trip to wish me good luck. I am so lucky to know you.

Kim and Warren J wanna be ironman. I am so proud of both of you signing for next year Iron man race.  I cannot wait to continue training with you. I had great time training with you this summer.

Eva and Mike spend couple days at LP .Having you around is always so much fun. Eva - a new triathlete to be soon, traveled back and forth to cheer me on race day.

It was good to see Judy and Harold on race day to.

And family!

Maria surprised me with early visit in hotel room at 4:30 am on race day. What a happy moment. We both had an emotional roller coaster .Nazim, family friend for many years, came with Maria to keep her company on long drive. What a nice young man.

 Mia and Marko were planning trip to LP for a while and we were all looking forward to it. There is so much to do. Nice hotel, swimming pools, shops, lake that needed to be explored……instead they went for bike ride. LP roads are in rough shape with many construction sites and many oblivious drivers. One pickup truck with trailer cut-off Mia’s path hit her and drove away. Many people gathered to help and ambulance was fast. Mia ends up with broken shoulder, many bruises and scrapes. In the hospital they patched her up….morphine is always good friend in need. Broken bone is called Humerus – it is not funny. We all got so scared and shaken.  

Mia’s sister Nancy and Derek were coming to see race to. They kept Mia’s company and Mia managed to come out and cheer me on throughout the whole race. Thanks doc for pain killers.  

Dragan JJJ my biggest fan!  Taking care of my bike, taking so many pictures, pinching in as needed. Joining me for anything and the list goes on and on……..

 And then friends and family that would love to be there but couldn’t, phone calls and good luck wishes……They all made such a difference on my special day. It is something I will remember for a long time…until the next year…ha, ha, ha


Hugs and kisses from Ironman Nada  alt