On Monday April 27, 2020 K2J Fitness started  to run across Canada in a virtual kind of way!

We will run the first 5000 km roughly following the route taken by Terry Fox in 1980. Sadly, he had to end his run in Thunder Bay but we will continue on to Victoria. The entire route will be a little over 8100 km. 

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Week 1

Week 2 May 3th - May 10th 

We started our week by a farm just outside of Roseneath Ontario 3484.91 km from our starting point in Saint John's Newfoundland. At the end of the week our group of runners and walkers had grown to 88 and we had traveled an additional 4008.29 km bringing our total to 7493.20 km ! You can find our route and details below. 

We ended this week's run on side of the road. We are 687.61 km from the mile zero monument in Victoria. The closest town is Salmo B.C .

Not only is Salmo a wonderful community whose residents and visitors enjoy numerous outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, biking, golfing and skiing.

Salmo is home to :

The World’s Largest Penny which stands 8 feet tall.

It was dedicated on July 1, 1995, Canada’s birthday, in honor

of Penny Power. Penny Power started in Salmo, on

March 10, 1995, as a campaign to collect hoarded pennies

and donate them to the government of Canada to reduce

the national debt. Salmo residents made this donation as

their Greatest Birthday Present, demonstrating a renewed faith

in their ability to make a difference.

You can see this penny on Highway 6 North.

The World’s Oldest Phone Booth.

A long standing local attraction, the phone booth is made from

a hollowed out cedar tree from the Trout Lake area. Originally

placed in 1977, Local residents and employees of the Ministry of

Forests counted the rings and averaged the age of the tree to be

465 years old.

The booth is located under covered shelter at

the Sal-Crest Motel found at 110 Motel Avenue.

but wait there is more!

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Salmo’s finest dinner wear,

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May 3rd We started just outside Roseneath Ontario and traveled first to Marathon, Ontario because it seamed like a good place to stop and mapmyrun will only let you run 1000 miles or less. The trip is 1403.68 km. We arrived around lunch time on May 6th. 

May 3 to Marathon.JPG

We crossed Manitoba and Saskatchewan. A total of 1129.96 km and hit the Alberta boarder late on May 9th. Luckily it was a pretty flat run! 


May 6th. we continued through Ontario with a brief stop in Thunder Bay where Terry Fox stopped running. It's 296.94 km from marathon so we would have arrived early on the.  morning of May 7th. Total distance to the Manitoba boarder from Marathon is 833.17. We hit Manitoba late into the night on May 7th. Ontario is a long haul! 


We ran through Alberta with a brief stop in Lethbridge to visit Jim Carter and finished the week in Solmo BC. Home of the world's largest penny and oldest phone booth. Total distance traveled in two weeks 7493.2 km 

May 10v2map.JPG