On Monday April 27, 2020 K2J Fitness started  to run across Canada in a virtual kind of way!

We ran the first 5000 km roughly following the route taken by Terry Fox in 1980. Sadly, he had to end his run in Thunder Bay but we will continue on to Victoria. The entire run across Canada  is 880.81  km.  We have now gone beyond that distance and we are traveling South to Cabo Hornos at the tip of South America. 

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We started our week just outside of Salmo BC, 687.61 Km from the mile zero  monument in Victoria. We continued south along the Pacific Coast Highway and ended up in California just outside Buelton. A grand total of 10,454.21 km from St John's Newfoundland. You can find our detailed route below.

Buelton is home to:

Ostrichland USA

Their 100+ amazing ostriches and emus are adored by people

of all ages. Locals often bring guests to see “Buellton’s favorite pets.”

Admission is $5 and feed is $1 per bowl. 

They were also featured on an episode of the Simpsons. 

They sell T-shirts if you would like to add to your race shirt collection! 

The Mendenhall's Museum of Gasoline Pumps & Petroliana

The museum has one of the west coasts largest petroliana collections

including gasoline pumps, globes, and porcelain gas, oil, & road signs.

There are also race cars, racing memorabilia, license plates, gas & oil items,

and other miscellaneous antiques.

This collection was started over fifty years ago by the late 

Jack Mendenhall and is carried on today by his son and daughter in law,

Mark and Vickie.

You will be pleased to learn that they also sell T-shirts



May 10th We started just outside Salmo BC. It's 687.61 km to mile zero in Victoria. We arrived there about mid-day on Tuesday May 11th 

may 10 to mile zero.JPG

We continued on past Big Sur where some of us have run before and ended our week in Buelton California. 10, 454.21 km from the start. 

end week 3.JPG

May 11th. We took the ferry to the USA and ran down the Pacific Coast Highway through Seattle and Oregon. As we are running virtually we can cross the boarder and run along the highway which is usually not open for runners! We crossed into California 1007.52 km  later. We arrived at midnight on May 14th. 


We are now on the side of the road... 529.67 km to Mexico!