On Monday April 27, 2020 K2J Fitness started  to run across Canada in a virtual kind of way!

We ran the first 5000 km roughly following the route taken by Terry Fox in 1980. Sadly, he had to end his run in Thunder Bay but we continued on to Victoria. The entire run across Canada  is 8180.81  km.  We have now gone beyond that distance and we are traveling South to Cabo Hornos at the tip of South America. 

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Week 5 We started the week just past Mexico City in Huamantla,  Mexico. 13819.87 km from St. John’s Newfoundland and about 850 km from Guatemala. We traveled through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica and we are now in Panama 16693.07 km from home. We are in Panama City about 3 km past the Panama Canal. 

The Panama Canal

The canal stretches 50 miles from Panama City on the Pacific coast to Colon

on the Atlantic coast. The first ship to pass through the canal was the cargo

ship Ancon on August 15th 1914. As ships have become bigger many are now 

too large to pass through the canal. A second canal is currently being added 

beside the old one. The canal remains the major source of income for Panama.

The lowest toll ever paid was $0.36 by Richard Halliburton who swam across

the canal in 1928 

Panama City

The word Panama is a palindrome "a man, a plan, a canal" If you are looking for hill work Cerro Anon right in city offers great views and  of the canal and the city and its a 2 km hill climb to the top complete with monkeys in the trees. 



Panama is also famous for Panama Hats which sadly are actually made in Ecuador! But you can sample Geisha coffee, one of the most premium and expensive coffees in the world that can sell for up to $170 a pound. You can try a small cup in the city for about $10 US. 


A note about what comes next:

Unfortunately there is no road from Panama to Columbia even though the countries are connected by land. There are two ways to get to Columbia from Panama City.

1. We can run along the canal to the Atlantic side to the San Blas Islands, This group of small tropical sand Islands are their own territory owned and operated by Kuna people. From there we  can book passage on a yacht and sail to Columbia.

2. We can go by land to Yaviza which is the town at the end of the Pan-American Highway. You need a permit to enter Darien National Park, home of the Darien Gap which has been called the most dangerous place in the Western Hemisphere. Here is why:

  • Treacherous jungle

  • Virtually impassable mountains

  • Impenetrable swamps

  • Overgrown, often unmarked trails

  • Almost totally uninhabited, so if you get lost or injured you’re on your own

  • Unfriendly wildlife – we're talking about snakes as big as your arm, man-eating cats that are bigger than the snakes, crocodiles and caimans in the rivers, biting ants and spiders that can drop down your shirt without warning … you get the idea.

  • Countless mosquitoes, sometimes carrying diseases like malaria and dengue fever

  • Highly questionable water quality

  • Limited food availability (eat local plants or carry your own)

  • Nearly 100% humidity

  • Crazed drug traffickers

  • Desperate paramilitary Colombian guerrillas

  • Paranoid government police

  • Risk of kidnapping, rape, torture or murder

But it is supposedly possible to find a guide, trail run  half a day to a river, navigate the river by boat and trail run through the jungle to the boarder....  

We are K2jer's so who wants to sail on a yacht when we can battle snakes in the jungle!


May 25th We ran 895 km from Mexico to Ciudad Guatemala. it took us just over 2 days so we would have arrived before daylight on the 27th.

Mexico to Guatemala.JPG

We ran 485.1 km across Costa Rica and ended up 16693.07 km from home in Panama City.

to Panama city.JPG

May 27th. We ran 287.95 km through Guatemala, 302.94 through El Salvador, 133.11 km through Honduras and then 281.03 through Nicaragua. We are averaging 410 km a day so we passed through each of these countries in less than a day. We arrived in Costa Rica on Friday the 29th around noon.

Mexico to Costa Rica.JPG

Next we will run though one of the most dangerous places on earth, he Darien Gap to Columbia !