On Monday April 27, 2020 K2J Fitness started  to run across Canada in a virtual kind of way!

We ran the first 5000 km roughly following the route taken by Terry Fox in 1980. Sadly, he had to end his run in Thunder Bay but we continued on to Victoria. The entire run across Canada  is 8180.81  km.  We have now gone beyond that distance and we are traveling South to Cabo Hornos at the tip of South America. 

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We started the week in Panama 16693.07 km from home. We are in Panama City about 3 km past the Panama Canal. We traveled from there through the infamous Darian Gap to Columbia. We are now in Lambayeque,, Peru. 19215.16 km from St. John's Newfoundland.

Lambayeque is best know for it's important archaeological remains including pyramids and pre-Inca administrative centers in the desert and in the middle of hot valleys. This province is famous for the sovereigns who ruled the north of Peru centuries ago, The star of this exhibition: the majestic Lord of Sipán.

The food looks interesting.  As a coastal region, fish and shellfish-based dishes are features, such as cebiche, chinguirito (guitarfish dried meat cebiche) or stingray tortilla. The cabrito con frijoles (goat stew with beans) and arroz con pato (duck with rice) are emblematic dishes.

Casa de la logia masonica de Lambayeque

Considered one of the most beautiful colonial residences in the country, or even the continent. There are more than 30 rooms , an immense wooden balcony carried by small columns finely sculpted that extend on the 64 m of a massive façade… There, Peruvian patriots gathered to declare the independence in front of the Spain crown.

The area is also know for it's hand woven baskets.


June 1 We ran 287 km to where the road ends and then traveled 138 km through the jungle to the closest road on the Colombian side of the Darien Gap. We arrived back on teh road around lunch time on June 3rd.

Panama city to Cali.JPG

June 5th We ran 746.58 km through Ecuador and ended our run 341.24 km into Peru In Lambayeque. We arrived in Peru a little after midnight on June 7th, 


June 3rd  We ran 600.27 km through Colombia to Cali and continued on 409 km to Ecuador. We arrived in Ecuador on The afternoon of June 5th 

Cali to Peru.JPG

From here its' south to the tip of the South America. We have 6631.19 km to go.