A dozen or so of us, with a few beginners, fought the easterly winds through farmers field and small villages for a 100km trek to the Vankleek Hill Oktoberfest. To my surprise, the route was quite picturesque. Not many hills, but a pleasant ride. The pavement was nice, and the drivers were fairly respectful.

Starting from Kunstadt on Bank St. It was a little tricky getting out of town as the roads were open to regular traffic. It wasn’t long before we hit Russell road to make our way east. There was a well planned rest at the half way mark with plenty of food and drinks. And then, back in the wind.

The Oktoberfest was a great event. After cleaning up, we all headed for the beer tent. The bratwurst sausages and the beer didn’t last two minutes. We all had the same thing in mind; eat and drink. There was plenty of beer. It was a quiet bus ride home.

The ride was uneventful. Working hard all day fighting the wind, you just put your head down and don’t worry about your average speed. A well organized event that I recommend on a less windy day. Kunstadt did a great job brining our bikes back the next day. No scratches.

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