Boston Marathon Memories

K2J Fitness runners will be back in Hopkinton for the 2019 Boston Marathon.

Here is a little K2J Fitness Boston History.

We start 16 years ago, pre-K2J Fitness but these were all K2J runners they just did not know it yet!

Boston 2003

Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot was the men's winner in 2:10:11. The women's winner was Svetlana Zakharova in 2:25:20. The race started at noon back then and there were no waves. There were 17046 finishers, Males - 10737, Females - 6309 and the average finish time was 3:55:19. It was 21 C at the start and 15 C in Boston. The wind was 3-8 mph and it was shifting. Oddly enough it's not that unusual for it to be colder in Boston at the finish line.

Bruce Mason, Guy Beaudoin, Alma Meech and Judy were all there. Guy had the fastest time.

Boston 2004

Timothy Cherigat won the men’s race in 2.10.37 and Catherine Ndereba won the women’s in 2.24.27. This was the first year where the women started ahead of the men in the elite field. There were 16743 finishers, 10504 men and 6239 women. The average finish time was 4.13.02

The only K2J Fitness runners (well still pre-K2J) were Alma Meech and Maria Caripa (not shown in this picture we are happy to note!)

It was the hottest race since 1976 when the temperature along the first half of the course was 96F/35C . 1100 runners were treated for the heat. The temperature hit 83F/28C at the start and 86F/30C at the finish.

Boston 2005

Hailu Negussie won the men’s race in 2.11.45 and Catherine Ndereba won the women’s race for the 4th time in 2.25.13 There were 17549 finishers, 10894 men and 6655 women. The average finish time was 3.57.41. It was 70F/21C at the start and 66F/18C at the finish. Winds were E/NE 5-8 mph.

Still no K2J but Bruce, Melanie, Guy, Gillian, Judy and JR all ran. It was hot. Melanie had the fastest time and this was the year Judy's Mom, Sheila Andrew ran after qualifying at age 65 in Ottawa. As she would say, “It’s not that you are not fast enough to qualify for Boston, you are just too young!”

Boston 2006

It was 55F/13C at the start , 53F/ 11C at the finish and there was almost no wind. A perfect day for a marathon. Kenya's Robert Cheruiyot (2:07:14) took down a course record that had stood for a dozen years. The women's winner was Rita Jeptoo. There were 19688 finishers 12063 men and 7625 women. The average finish time was 3.50.03

The race still started at noon but for the first time there were two waves, one at noon and one at 12:30. This was also the first year where runners were scored by chip time not by gun time which made a huge difference for age group runners. Still no K2J but more familiar names on the finishers list: John, Dave, Faye, Judy, Rita, Jeff Sl, Peggie, Ian, Alma and Gillian. John Tegano had the fastest time. The picture is from Dave.

Boston 2007

The year we received pre-race information about hypothermia and how to tell if you had it! They came very close to canceling the race

This was also the first year for the 10:00 am start. Wind guts up to 30 mph,There was rain and mud everywhere and it was 8C at the start but once the race started it was not too bad and the spectators where still out cheering! It was 10C at the finish.

Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot won the men’s race in 2:14:13 his 3rd victory and Lidiya Grigoryeva was the women’s winner in 2:29:18. There were 20348 finishers, 12373 men and 7975 women. The average time was 3.54.33

Colleen, Faye, Bruce, John T, Judy, Dave, Rita, Jeff Slavin and Alma all ran. Once again John T was the first to finish.

Boston 2008,

It was another great weather year, 53F/11C at the start and finish and very little wind (W 2mph). Robert Cheruiyot won the men’s race for the 4th time in 2:07:43 and Dire Tune was the women’s winner in 2:25:25 There were 21963 finishers, 13028 men and 8935 women. Average time was 3.51.40 K2J was not a thing but we were heading in that direction. Rita, Mike B, Michele HT, JR. Michele P, Nada, John T, and Judy ran. Mike was the first to cross the line and with a time of 2.59 he was also the first future K2J Fitness runner to break 3 hours in Boston.

JR and Michele after they really crossed the finish line in 2008

Boston 2009

It was 51F at the start and 47F at the finish with an E/ESE wind of 20-30mph. The men’s race winner was Deribra Merga in 2:08:42 and the women’s winner was Salina Koslina in 2:32:16 There were 22849 finishers 13547 men and 9302 women. The average time was 3:49:34

This was the year we hit the (local) newsstands and the first official K2J Fitness Boston Marathon group. Brian, Mike B, John T, Judy, Nada and Theresa ran. Brian O’Higgins was the first K2J runner to cross the finish line.

Boston 2010

The famous beer picture! Ask Mike Blois to explain that comment!

Another great weather year. It was 49 F at the start and 55F at the finish with a light wind of 2-5 mph E/NE.

Robert Cheruiyot came back to win his 5th title and set a new course record in 2:05:52 the women’s winner was Teyba Erkesso in a time of 2:26:11. There were 22540 finishers 13072 men and 9468 women. The average time was 3:50:25.

This was our first trip with a really big group. Brian, Mike Blois, John T, Judy, Jeff Slavin, Stephanie G, Jenna, Mike Bigelow, Guy, Rita, Tamara, Mario, Faye, Nada, Carmen, Andrea M and Theresa all ran. Brian was the first K2J runner across the line.

Boston 2011.

It was 46F at the start and 55F at the finish. A bit windy with winds W/SW 16-20 mph.

The men’s race was won by Geoffrey Mutai who not only smashed the course record he ran the fastest marathon ever run at 2:03:02 (the Boston Marathon can’t be used to set a world record). The women’s winner was Caroline Kiel in a time of 2:22:36. There were 23879 finishers 13806 men and 10073 women (the first ever year 10,000 women crossed the line). The average finish time was 3:49:54

This was the year Brian won his age group! The first, but hopefully not the last, K2J runner to get on the podium. For the record as of 2018 we have had 9 other top 10 age group finishes but only Brian has made it to the podium.

Brian, Mike B, Jeff Smart, Steve F, Stephanie G, Judy, Chris B. Jeff Slavin, Glenn, Mario. John T, Bruce, Colleen, Peter F, Jenn, Karen B and Jim J all ran. Brian was the first to cross the line also the first sub 2:50 K2J finish.

Boston 2012

It was hot. The temperature got up to 31C by the afternoon! A total of 22,426 runners started the race and only 21,554 finished, 12,621 men and 8,995 women.For the first time ever runners who had picked up their bibs were given the option of not running and getting a deferral to 2013. The men's winner was Wesley Korir in 2.12.40 and the women's winner was Sharon Cherop in 2.31.50 The freedom run was changed to the BAA 5K and we volunteered packing post race snacks on Saturday.

Mike Blois, Jeff Smart, Brian, John T, Stephanie G, Judy, Jeff Slavin, Faye, Peter, Allan, Bruce, Chantelle, Vincent, Alma, Gillian, Usha, Rob G, Kim, Guy, Mario, Chris B and Anne M all ran. Mike was the first K2J runner to cross the finish line.

Boston 2013.

A race that will be long remembered for all the wrong reasons. At 2:49pm the Boston Marathon was forever changed. One of the reasons that running Boston is such a great experience is the remarkable crowds along the course and the support of the people of Boston. That support was even more evident to all of us in 2013. Total strangers reached out and gave runners, rides, food and shelter.

Brian, Mike Blois, Jeff Smart, Stephanie G, James, Judy, Allan, Faye, John, Jeff Slavin, Guy, Colleen, Melanie, Michelle P, Bruce, Suzanne, Mike H, Shauna, Alma, Laurie and Diane all ran. Brian was the first K2J runner across the line.

We also volunteered again.

The men’s winner was Lelisa Desisa in 2:10.22 and the women’s winner was Rita Jeptoo in a time of 2:26:25. *There were 17580 finishers 10638 men and 6942 women. The average finish time was 3:29:52 NOTE: These numbers only include runners who crossed the line before the race was stopped.

Boston 2014

The 2014 Boston Marathon was the biggest field since the 100th in 1996. An estimated one million spectators were out along the course. Meb Keflezighi won the men’s race in 2:08:37 and the women’s race was won by Rita Jeptoo in 2:18:57 a new women’s course record. There were 31805 finishers 17523 men and 14282 women. The average finish time was 4:02:30.

We volunteered again and Jeff Slavin got us all matching wooly hats from the radio station. Brian, Mike Blois, Kim, James, Judy, John, Jeff Smart, Stephanie G, Allan, Chris, Michelle P, Faye, Olivier, Chantelle, Rita, Melanie, Jeff Slavin, Guy, Kanako, Bruce, Mike Horne, Karen, Diane, Jennifer M, Alma, Colleen and Marlene all ran. Brian was the first K2J runner across the line.

Boston 2015.

We had Rain; winds gusting up to 15 mph; temperatures in the mid 40s. Cold and wet. Lelisa Desisa won the men’s race in 2.09.17 and the women’s winner was Caroline Rotich’ in a time of 2.24.55 There were 26610 finishers 14588 men and 12022 women. The average finish time was 3:46:28 The K2J women’s masters team placed 17th and the men’s masters team placed 19th. Jim Fullarton, Mike Blois, James, Brian, Allan, Jeff Smart, Stephanie G, John T, Jeff Slavin, Nathalie, Chantelle, Melanie, Faye, Vincent, Anne Murphy, Bruce, Andrea, Diane, Susan Ibach, Maria, Alma, Greg and Judy all ran. Jim was the first K2J runner to cross the line.

Boston 2016

It a warm day but not as hot as it has been some years. 71F at the start and 61F at the finish with very little wind. 27491 runners started the race with Lemi Berhanu Hayle finishing first in 2:12:45. The women's winner was Atsede Nayse who blasted by the leaders just past 24 miles and finished in 2:29:19. Our women's master's team placed 12th and our men's masters team placed 34th. K2J runners included: Corey Wilson, Mike Blois, Jeff Smart, James Peltzer, John Tegano, Judy Andrew Piel, Allan MacPhee, Stephanie Gordon, Kanako Inuyama, Brian O'Higgins, Trevor Hains, Vincent Lavoie, Rita Petrocco, Bruce Mason, Kara Wheatley Meldrum, Diane Hebert, Mike Horne, and Ian Govan. The first K2J Fitness runner to cross the line was Corey Wilson in 3:01:18.

Boston 2017

It was warm, 70F/20C at the start and 73F/22C at the finish with a light 1-3mph WSW wind. The men's winner was Geoffrey Kirui in 2.09.37. Edna Kiplgal won the women's race in 2.21.52

27,222 runners started and 26,400 finished- 14,431 men and 11.969 women

Mike Blois, Chris Bright, Karen, Judy, Bradley, Randy, Jim, Nathalie, Faye, Jeff Smart, Stephanie Gordon, Susan Ibach, Rachelle, Kanako, Gilles, Allan, Alma, Melaine, Brian, James, Rita, John T, Rick, Corey and Dave Y all ran the marathon. Jim was the first of us to cross the finish line.

Boston 2018

It was cold, it was wet and it was windy. It literately poured down all day. The race website says "Driving rain, winds gusting to 45 mph, temperatures in the low 40s". It was 37F at the start, the coldest start in 30 years, 2,527 runners were treated by medical staff most for hypothermia.

There were 25,907 finishers 14,268 men and 11,639 women. the men's winner was Yuki Kawauchi of Japan in 2:15:58 and the women's winner was Desiree Linden of the US in 2:39:54.

Brian, Jeff Smart, Alma, Allan, Vincent, Diane, Stephanie, Faye, Shauna, Randy, Anita, Jim Carter and Judy all ran. Jeff Smart was the first K2J runner to cross the line.

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