Ottawa Race Weekend Memories

Canada’s biggest race weekend takes place right here in Ottawa we thought we would take a look back at the K2J Fitness runners at the event over the years We are going to start with 2009 the first year that K2J Fitness was officially there.

John T, Mike (Bunny) Blois, Brian, Guy, Tamara, Dave, Maurenia (Bunny), Andrea W, Jennifer W, Erin, James and Karen all ran the marathon. John T was first to cross the finish line.

Judy, Jeff Slavin, Michele HT, Theresa, Nada, Ian, Kim, Peggie, Cheryl, Mike Seymour, Ellen and Usha ran the ½. Kanako, Judy (Bunny) Valerie, and Sheila ran the 10K and Mike Maclean, Karen S, Jennifer C and Maurenia ran the 5k.

David Cheruiyot won the marathon for the 4th time in 2:13:22 Asmae Leghzaqui won the women’s race in 2:27:39

There were over 36,000 runners registered.

Finishers: marathon 3449- 2159 men and 1290 women.

½ marathon 9107- 5192 women and 3915 men.

10k 8346- 4758 women and 3580 men

5k 7237-4276 women and 2951 men

2k 2271-1243 women and 1023 men

Kids marathon 1341

Ottawa Race Weekend 2010

The year we had our unofficial freeze stop (a tradition which was continued for many years by Erin and James)

and Mike became a dad the same week as the marathon.

Peter F, Dave D, Melissa P, Heather H, Face, Pascale, Alma, Ian, Mike Maclean. Tracy W, Jennifer E. David L, Lisa D, Stephen B, Tanya M, Sarah M and Ellen all ran the marathon. Peter was the first K2Jer across the line!

Judy, JR, Faye, Guy, Mario, Jolene, Michele HT, Alison M, Henri, Nada, Lynne S, Mike Seymour, Una, Vicki, Sally F, Jennifer M, Marsha, Valerie, Rana and Christine M rand the half. Mike Blois, Brian, John T, Rita, Jen T, Kanako, Chris (bunny), Judy (bunny), Bradley, Patrica, Tracy S, Sylvie, Linda ran the 10K. James C, Nathalie B, Shalen B. Marie. Kate and Sheila J ran the 5k

The men’s winner was Arata Fujiwara in 2:09:33 and the women’s winner was Merima Mohammed in 2:28:18

Finishers: Marathon 3859, Males - 2460 , Females - 1399 Average Finish Time: 4:10:14

Half marathon- 9208 5329 women and 3879 men

10K – 8484 5019 women and 3465 men

5K – 7503 4567 women and 2936 men

2K – 2696 1533 women and 1162 men

Kids Marathon 1194

Rick Ball ran a 2:57:47 marathon and set a new world record for the single-leg marathon.

Ottawa Race Weekend 2011.

It was hot and humid and the route was changed.

Jonathan W, Steve F, Alan, Chantelle, Faye, Guy (bunny), Christine T, Alma, Karen (bunny) Burns. Alngelo, Ian, Dave, Will, Jennifer, Mike Maclean, Paula. Virginia, Stephanie D, Rob, Tanya and Kathryn all ran the marathon. Jonathan was the first to cross the line.

Brian, Mike Blois, John T, Vincent, JP (Bunny), Caitlin, Gillian. Jonathan C, Karras, Chris B, Stephen B, Andrea, Colleen, Diane, Melissa, Irvin, Lynne, Jenna (Bunny), Heather, Caroline, Jeff smart, Ellen, Jen, Cara, Tracy and Marsha ran the half. Peter F, Jen T, Kanako, Kristina. Melissa, Chris Bunny B, Judy Bunny, Erin B and James V ran the 10k and Meg and Kathryn ran the 5K

Marathon Finishers: 4071, Males - 2647 , Females - 1424 Laban Moiben won the men's race in 2:10:16 and Kebebush Haile Lema won the women’s in 2:32:14 Average Finish Time: 4:13:02

Ottawa Race Weekend 2012

Jared, Mike Horne, Andrew, Pat, Andy, Face, Karen Burns, Jetje, Jesse, Dave, and Carmen ran the marathon. Jared was the first to cross the finish line.

Brian, Mike Blois, John T, Judy, Jen T, Jeff B, Vincent, Anne, Gregg D, Lyndsey, Kanako, Mike Maclean, Ian, Christine, Kara, Jonathan, Irvin, Diane, Nathalie, Stephanie D, Erin, James, Sue B, Heather, Gregg B, and Vicki ran the ½ marathon. Jeff Smart, Stephanie G, Chantelle, Meg, Karras, Chris B ( Bunny), Judy (Bunny), Melissa, Mike Seymour and Tracy S ran the 10K Irvin, and Lyndsey run the 5k.

Kenya's Laban Moiben set a new record course record for the marathon with a time of 2:09:12. Yeshi Esayias won the women’s race in 2:28:45. There were 4178 finishers 2734 men and 1444 women. The average finish time was 4:09:30

Ottawa Race Weekend 2013

Allan, Jeff Slavin, Chris Steele, Chantelle, Mario, Kanako, Pat, Face, Alma, Christine, Jesse, Melanie, Christine, Shauna, Dave, Colleen and Corrie ran the marathon.

Olivier, James, Bradley, Jean-Philippe, Stephanie G, Randy, Vincent, Tamara, Rita, Colleen, Darlene, Kerry, Mark, Mike, Karras, Cheryl, Karen, Nancy, Vincent Andy, Diane, Ian, Carmen, Heather, Michele, Irvin, Rob, Stephanie, Melissa, Bill, Sue, Kathleen, Kathryn. Jeff and Marion ran the half. Brian, Mike Blois, Annie, Ryan, John T, Mike H, Lyndsey, Glenn, Kristy, Chris B ( Bunny), Judy ( Bunny), Angela, Erin and James ran the 10k and Carlos, Allyson. Robin, Tracy, Lynne, Jonah. Paul and Jeff Smart ran the 5k.

Tariku Jufar won the men’s race in a record 2:08:04 while fellow Ethiopian Yeshi Esayias won the women’s race in 2:25:30. There were 4801 finishers in the marathon 3137 men and 1664 women. The average time was 4:03:33

Ottawa Race Weekend 2014

The 40th Anniversary of the Ottawa Marathon. Yemane Tsegay ran the fastest marathon every run on Canadian soil in 2:06:54 and Tigist Tufa set a course record for the women of 2:24:31

The marathon had Finishers: 5425, Males - 3442 , Females - 1983 ... Average Finish Time: 4:09:48

Bradley, Greg Lamb, Glenn, Ryan, Susan, Pat, Alma, Christine, Face, Mike Maclean, Dave and Stephanie D ran the marathon. James, Allan, Caitlin, Kanako, Anne, Guy, Jeff J, Bruce, Ian, Kerry, Darlene, Jesse, Any, Jolene, Mark, Jonathan, Dawn, Michele HT, Diana, Melanie, and Bill ran the half.

MikeB, Carlos, Brian, Geoff, John, Stephanie G, Anddy, Judy bunny, Chris bunny, Lynne and Bill ran the 10 and Judy, Maureen and Mike Seymour ran the 5k.

Ottawa Race Weekend 2015 A record breaking 49,000 participants raised over $800, 000 for charity!

Corey, Kim, Maria, Rob G, Dave, Helen and Pat ran the marathon. James, Randy, Brendan, Peter, Kerry Moran, Bethany, Vincent, Ian, Diane, Colleen, Darlene, Dawn, Anita, Jocelyn, Ellen bunny, and Jim bunny Johnston ran the ½

Jim F, Mike B, Bradley, John, Stephanie G, Nathalie, Kanako, Sharron, Thomas, Ron W, Dave M, Heather B, Anne M, Judy bunny, Chris bunny, Angela, Katherine, Robin, Grace and Paul ran the 10K. Erin won the women’s 5k and her mom was not too far behind. We also volunteered with the kids from start2finish.

The marathon had 4501finishers: Males - 2963 , Females - 1538 Male Winner was Girmay Birhanu in 2:08:13 and the women's winner was Aberu Zennebe in 2:25:29 ... Average Finish Time: 4:07:49

Ottawa Race Weekend 2016

It was hot. In fact it was so hot they seriously considered cancelling the race. The race went on but they closed the marathon course early and 76 runners did a shortened version of the race.

Dayna, Tara, Dave Daze, Rob brooks, Anita, Mike Hillary, Shauna and her daughter Sydney all ran the marathon.

James, Stephanie G, Kerry R, Brendan, Michelle Seguin, Kerry Moran, Bethany, Susan, Bruce, Gillian, Chris Steele, Diane, Mike Maclean, Melanie, Andy, William C, Ivan, Ian, Rob Gallahar, Julie, Gabrielle, Ellen, Mike Seymour and Jim all ran the half.

Corey, Jim, James, Mike B, Jeff Smart, Trevor, Vincent, Caitlin, Nathalie, Dave m , Ron W, Judy Bunny, Chris bunny and Grace all ran the 10 and Maureen, and Andy ran the 5 while 12 other K2J runners coached the kids from start2finish.

There were 5283 runners in the marathon 1868 women and 3416 men. The men’s winner was Dino Sefir in 2.08.13 and the women’s winner was Koren Jelela in 2:27:05

Ottawa Race Weekend 2017

It was warm but not as hot as 2016.

Jim Fullarton, Rachelle Lavigne, Rudi Asseer, Michelle Seguin, Henry Leung, Alma Meech, Martin Belisle, and Dave Daze ran the marathon.

Barry Biner, Erin, Chris Steele, Randy, James. Brendan, Stephanie Gordon, kelly Rollins, Kerry Moran, Heather, Iyad, Bruce, Ivana, Karen, Ian , Hui, Joseph Watters, Mike Maclean, Stephanie Dunne, Ellen, Mike Seymour, Allison and Jim Johnston ran the half.

Corey, Mike Blois, Jeff Smart, Bradley, Trevor, Catilin, Christine Turmaine, Jesse, dave, Gabrielle, Heather Bigelow, Judy, Chris Bright, Anita, and Krisssie, Ran the 10k

Maureen, ran the 5k and a number of K2J runners volunteered as coaches and ran with the start2finish runners.

There were 4564 Participants in the marathon • 1653 Women • 2911 Men

Average Time: 04:18:02

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