2016 Cornwall Triathlon Race Report

The morning started kind of dull. It was still dark at 6 am. A sign that the days are getting shorter. The rain gave me another reason to stay in bed. However, lt was better to get up and go. I’ve already said I was going. Those kind of dull morning often turn into great days. And it did.

As soon I we got to Cornwall, the sky was just falling down. Setting up was a mess. I was mentally ready for a wet race. There were several K2J Fitness runners at the race. A couple first timers. Gotta love a new challenge. 5 of us competed in the Duathlon, which started at 8:30. It was still raining lightly but the clouds were moving fast.

The duathlon was 2.5k run, 20k bike, and 5k run. It started fast as usual, but I had a plan. I didn’t want to be the last K2J member, but I had some pretty strong running competition. My only hope was on the bike. One km into the run, I was one of the last ones. I kept the same thought the whole way. Stick to the plan, do the Mo. and I sure did.

When I reached the transition zone, there were no K2J members on site. I knew I had a very slim chance to catch Mike and Corey, but I could see two familiar shirts in the horizon. Again, I was patient. Preaching what I always teach. Because of the rain, we had to be careful on the turns. Especially when someone crashed right beside me at the turn around. So, I kept the pace relatively safe; as long as I could see the two K2J shirts, I was fine.

Coming out of the NavCan complex, I saw a ponytail flying in the wind; Target #1.

As I passed, I noticed a second k2j shirt not too far in the distance. It was time to plan the attack on target #2. I had to be patient in that area as there were so many turns. Nothing like a crash to jeopardize your plan. As I finished the first loop I was able to pass the Italian beast. Passing them was fine, but I had to gain enough to distance myself for the run. Now I was the target. and I knew there would be no mercy.

I finished the bike feeling pretty good, but I had to keep convincing myself to be patient. 5k's can be pretty hard. I kept looking back, and there were no runners close to me. I was happy. However, a couple hundred meters after the turn around, my worst nightmare; two k2j shirts. I thought S#%t, this is the last thing I want to see. Now I was being seriously chased by the beast, and the beauty. I figured I was 500 meters ahead and if I held a strong pace I might just make it. I kept focusing on the guy in front of me who seemed to be hurting. I figured I could catch him, but every time I looked back, the two shirts were gaining on me. With 1k to go I was convinced I would be fine. The last 300 meters was a bit of an incline, but I just kept focusing. There was no use looking back again, it was just to risky. All I could hear was my heartbeat going a little too fast for my liking. At the end, patience prevailed. I crossed the finish line with a grin.

No more than 15 sec later, one K2j shirt, 15 sec later, another K2j shirt. I’m just glad the run was not 5.5 km.

It was great to race with you guys, nice to bring the competitor out of us all. The challenge is on for next year. Not just for the ones who raced this year, but to anyone at K2jFitness.

Cornwall is a very well organized small town race. Lots of competitors of all level. Volunteers were cheering us the whole way, and the food at the end was just great. A nice technical course on the bike, a scenic course on the run, and our own K2j cheering section along the way. To top it all, Mike B invited us again to his mom and dad’s place for Pizza. You just can’t top a day like that.

Congrats to all, especially the first timers, well done.

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