2017 Cornwall Duathlon Race Report

For the 3rd year in a row, a few of us took part in the Cornwall race weekend. A well organized race with a small town atmosphere. A great course, lots of volunteers, and sunshine all day.

I went in the duathlon; a 2.5k run, 20k bike, and 5k run, with Mike Blois, Stephanie Gordon, and John Tegano. And here is how it went.

Since I was not having a good running year, I wasn’t able to train well for this race. Therefore, I had to use my strength and other’s weaknesses to be able to compete against other K2J members. My plan was to stay as close as possible to the others for the 2.5k, hammer on the bike, make up as much time as possible, and hope for dear life on the 5k.

The 2.5k went relatively well. Stephanie was with me the whole time, and by the time we reached the transition zone, John was still in there struggling with his shoe. So, I took full advantage of those precious seconds, jumped on the bike and went like hell.

When I reached the first turn-around, I noticed Mike was less than 500 meters ahead. That’s within range. I started pushing a little more, but wasn’t able to make up any distance. I think Mike was luring me to believe I could catch him. I felt like I made up a bit of time at the start of the second loop, but I was running out of steam closer to the end. I was a bit worried about the 5k. I had to save my legs. I was being chased by two hungry wolves. I knew they were not about to give me a break in the last run.

I started the run well. As usual, a slow start, and I picked it up after a kilometer. The only problem was; there was no picking it up at all. I only had one speed. I kept running trying to keep it together, but kept worrying about John and Steph. They were coming at me hard. At the 3k mark, they were already catching me, they were about 800 meters behind. I thought it was safe, but you never know. At the 4k mark, I started cramping but was able to managed an ok pace. When the end is near, you gotta put on your game face and hold on. We all finished with good times and placed well in our respective AG.

It was a lot of fun racing with these guys. Never a dull moment. Mike invited us to his parents place for beer and pizza, an awesome way to wind down. The drive home was pretty quiet.

Words of wisdom; Cycling does not make you a good runner.

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