2009 Canadian Triathlon Race Report by JR and Harold

This one is a blast from the past taken off our old website. The race is still held each year but they no longer have a full Iron distance.

The Canadian is Ottawa’s Biggest Triathlon and Ottawa’s only Iron Distance race. Over 1200 people competed this year and K2J was there. We volunteered in the transition zone and raced all at the same time! A very special thanks to everyone who came out and volunteered in the T-zone Valerie Bonsall, Face Walace, Kanako Inuyama, Wendy Lewis and her son, Jeff Slavin, Peggie Slavin, Linda Stewart, Michele Herley-Tremblay and Harold Piel. We had two teams entered in the 1/2 Iron Distance Triathlon. The goal of both teams was to beat me (Judy) which they did! A very special congratulations goes out also to Ellen Dickson who completed her first ever 1/2 Iron distance race. Ellen you are a 1/2 Ironwoman! Race Reports from both teams are below.

K2J Fitness Mens Relay team race report by JR:

It all started when Judy was offered a chance to enter a relay team in the Half Iron Distance since K2JFiTness was volunteering in the T-zone at "The Canadian" weekend at Terry Fox centre. Since there was no way to talk her out of doing the whole race, I had to find my own teammates. Someone thought of the idea of adding a coed team, and all of a sudden, we had two teams. Ottawans were on their toes.

We got to the race site at about 5:25 in the morning. It was dark and cold, but we weren't the first ones there. There were a few early arrivals for the full Iron distance starting at 6:30. We got our vests and headed out to body marking for the early racers. It ended up being quite busy. I think we could have used twice as many volunteers in the T-zone area. We had lots of fun, lots of sun and lots of banana cake. Thanks to Judy's baking skills. Man, she’s not just a runner, she's got great cinnamon buns (ok, Harold added that part in).

Now to the race. The Half iron distance started at 9:00 with the swim. The swimmers; Michele and Jeff, headed out to the water for their pre-race warm up, getting ready to kick butt. The rest of us (Harry and I for the bike and John and Mike for the run) stood by our bikes for last minute checks, telling war stories of course. Around 9:30 I felt a strong wind coming from the south west. I was a little nervous as I was getting my helmet on, but it wasn't windy at all, it was Jeff rushing over the crest of the hill, wetsuit half down, heading straight out to me with the chip for the bike portion. He was coming so fast, I had to warn Harold to clear back, I wasn't sure Jeff would be able to stop at that speed.

In a flash, I had the chip on my right ankle, and headed out on to Colonel By drive for 90k. We had to do 6 laps of about 15k. From Hogsback to just past the U of O walking bridge. I rode the first lap fairly easy as I’ve always been a slow starter. My plan was to keep a conservative pace for the first three laps, and hammer for the last three. It worked quite well. I had enough power to give it all on the way back as we were blessed with a tail wind. Michele must have had a good swim as Harold was not too far behind. I kept seeing Harold and Judy (Judy was doing the half all by herself) at about the same area, which showed that Harry was having a good ride also. On the 6th lap I pushed as much as I could on the way back. In fact, I thought I was getting airtime in some parts of the course.

At the end of the bike there was a 300 meter run to the transition area. It took a few steps for the legs to realize what was happening. Mike was ready. I could see the steam from far away. Mike wasn't going to let anyone get away. He wanted it bad. Off he went leaving a permanent trail in the grass, turf flying all over. I thought it was the real road runner. I had to look back thinking some coyote was coming by. John was just hovering over the area waiting for Harold to finish the bike. Just a few minutes passed, John took off so fast, he didn't even touch the grass. Just like a stallion coming off the starting gate.

Great run by both, great effort by both teams. The K2J FiTness mens team came in second (30 seconds that is) to a Zone3 couple (just wait till next year!), and the K2J FiTness coed team was just a few minutes later into third position. Both teams did very well, everyone worked hard; we were just minutes from each other.

Way to go all.


K2jFiTness man team: Jeff "The Shark" Slavin, JR "The Machine" Tremblay, and Mike "The Road Runner" Blois.

K2jFiTness coed team: Michele "Harpoon" Herley-Tremblay, Harold "Freight Train" Piel, and John "Italian Stallion" Tegano.

Team K2J-Fitness Co-ed Race Report by Harold Piel

Saturday Sept 5 was another beautiful day for the flagship Somersault event: The Canadian. This was the venue for over a dozen races, ranging from a full iron distance triathlon, to a 3k run.

The plan for the day was to arrive early, volunteer as part of the K2J T-Zone crew, and then complete the 1/2 Iron relay with our crew, and then round out the day with some more volunteer duty as the afternoon unfolded. The K2J Fitness Co-ed team Michele (swimmer), Harold (cycle), and John (run). The team was formed just last week, when I found out that JR had formed a K2J Men's team (Jeff, JR & Mike), so we thought we would make this a more social event, and see if we could chase these guys around the course.

After racking the bikes and dropping our gear, we all quickly dispersed to our volunteer positions as we were due to start helping at 5:30am. Folks started arriving, and things got quite busy for the next 3 hours, as I took my position at the gates, and in the T-Zone, as we directed athletes, spectators, and folks in actual races to the correct parts of the course. A very active time! Michele was busy body marking, and our 9:00 start time quickly caught up to us.

We got ourselves collected in a bit of a rush, and Michele headed down for the swim. I was still gathering my gear, so I promised to wait for her at the designated hand off spot for the relay (the bike). We also made contact with John, and our group of three was ready for the day.

Michele swam a great loop - with the bumping and grinding in the water you would expect with 150 eager triathletes in the water for the first 400m, until the first marker buoy. The next 1km was clear sailing along the river until the next marker buoy, and then some clever navigation was required to take the direct line back to the finishing beach. There was a longish run to the T-Zone, and ankle chip was handed off to me (Harold) for the cycling.

It was even a longer run with the bike to the start of the bike course (I thought I signed up for the cycle event!), and I was glad to get onto the bike to start peddling. The course was a wonderful loop along the canal, one of my favorite parts of the city. The first loop was OK, with cyclists that were doing the full iron distance and half iron distance event being careful not to crowd or draft along the busy road. At the first turnaround at Hogs Back, things started to get congested as the Sprint Triathlon cyclists, and the Super Sprint riders merged onto the cycle loop at the same time….so things got busy fast! This continued for the next few loops, and there was a wide range of cycle abilities and speed on the road, so a lot of shoulder checking was in order for the day. Finishing the sixth loop, I headed to dismount, and ran back to the T-Zone for the next relay stage.

John was eagerly awaiting my arrival, and we quickly handed off the ankle chip so the real runner could head out onto the track. It was early afternoon, so John headed out in the heat of the day. Keener that he was, John was showing no mercy to the course, and came through the stadium with enthusiasm during each iteration of the three loop course. Keeping well hydrated, John was able to keep track of Mike and Judy during the run loop - it's great to see a familiar face again (and again) on the course! The final kick to the tape was a sight to behold, as John blitzed the finish line with a trademark crowd pleasing burst of energy!

Congratulations to our K2J Fitness co-ed team, and we managed to finish one place behind the K2J Fitness Men's team to boot! The detailed planning and time preparing for the relay sure paid off, we placed 2nd of 10 in the co-ed relay division. Yippee…...and wait till next year!

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